Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

Have you ever had one of those lucid dreams that kind of linger in your mind throughout the next day and sometimes a little bit longer? That’s what happened to me last night and it has made me feel decidedly odd today.

The dream actually started off quite well: I was sitting in a theatre and when it came to the end, instead of everyone putting on coats, they put on a bootcamp t-shirt.  They all had great motivational slogans on the front and on the back was the name of the bootcamp and where they were from. I took an extreme dislike to one from Wigan, not entirely sure why. Sorry Wigan.

Anyway, then it all went a little bit awry and I ended up having the “ex dream”.  Have any of you ever had one of these dreams? Where you are back with your ex and you’re really happy? What is it all about? I haven’t been with this particular ex for 17 years and yet I still dream about him every once in a while.  I definitely DO NOT want to rekindle any relationship with him but he still appears as some sort of Adonis in my subconscious!! The dream always puts me a bit out of sorts and I wish I knew why. So, any insight would be appreciated!

The other recurring dream I have is the one where I am late. Usually for a party or a wedding and I haven’t got anything to wear. I mean, literally, nothing to wear.  I am usually frantically trying to ring friends for help but I have either forgotten their numbers or my fingers are too fat to put the number into my phone.  Pretty sure this one is all about loss of control, but again, any suggestions welcomed 🙂

I would love to hear about your recurring dreams too….if only to make me feel a little bit better about my own….!