Bad luck?

I have taken the Christmas decorations down. No big deal, you may think, but in our house, tradition states that they should stay up until the 6th of January or you will have bad luck all year.

I’m no great believer in superstition – I walk under ladders on purpose and love it when people look at me as if they expect the sky to fall down on my head immediately. I never forward on those e-mails that tell me I will die alone if I do not forward them on to my entire address book within 5 milliseconds.  I’ve broken a few mirrors in my lifetime and not gone into a total mental breakdown about the doom that awaits me. I do, however, salute magpies. Well, they’re vicious bastards and I wouldn’t want them to peck me to death…..

So I have compromised a bit and left the wreath on the front door. That’ll do it, right?? *crosses fingers* *knocks on wood*


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