Moonwalk Training Day 1

I am doing the Moonwalk on 12/13 May this year and, having read through the training pack, I have realised that I really do need to take training seriously.  To be honest, I was feeling quite relaexed about it at first.  Well, ok, it’s marathon distance but it’s just a long walk really isn’t it? NO is the answer to that. This is a whole new kettle of fish – power walking. The training pack says I should aim for 6 hours to complete the walk.  That’s about 4.25 mph.  I know somebody who RAN a marathon in October and it took her 5 hours! Reality check!

So, I have written out a plan that is pretty tough going, especially on top of bootcamp, but I am damned serious when I say I am going to stick to it. No choice in the matter now. If the pack says aim for 6 hours….well, me being me, I’m going to want to do it in 5.5 hrs!

Today was Day 1 and I learned a few things on my first walk:

1) When mapping out my route, I need to try not to put loads of really steep hills in it!

2) Despite mapping out the route and then writing it down, I still went the wrong way. Basically I need sat nav!

3) I really do need to make my routes a bit more scenic than the Old Chester Road and Borough Road!

4) EVERY child in Birkenhead got a bloody scooter for Christmas and the pavements are now a dangerous place to be.

5) There are LOADS of Co-Ops around here!

Today’s distance: 3 miles

Today’s time 45 mins


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